Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sweatin' to the Oldies

What makes a sandwich poorly-made?  Do you mean that it falls apart, or that the ingredients are not enticing?  There's a sandwich that I like from Cosi that has hummus and veggies in it, but by the time you're almost done eating it, most of the hummus has plopped out of the back of the sandwich.  I don't know if that is preventable, though.  It would have to be a pita pocket, I suppose.

The microwave hole in the wall has been filled.  With a microwave!  Yay!  Chris' parents came last weekend and did all sorts of house-items, so we're a little more set up now.  It's nice.  They even drilled hole in the floor so that the water/ice dispenser on the fridge could actually be connected to water.  I'm not clear on why the previous owners bought a water and ice-dispensing refrigerator without seeming to have any intention of hooking it up to anything.  They had some pretty stupid taste in light switch covers, though, so who knows.

How are there mean girls that are 5?  Surely they don't get really mean until middle school?  UGH!  Remind me not to be a kid.  I loved that video of Scarlett getting tackled on that superhero run.  What was happening?  Where did that kid come from?  Why??

Your office sounds AMAZING!  Don't you have Killer Queen too?  That and foosball sounds like my dream job.  (Except for the doing whatever it is you do for work.)  You may recall that I am amazing at foosball.  Maybe not anymore.  It's been a while.  The old wrists are out of shape.  

I ran at the gym today.  Why do people enjoy this?  It is awful!  Every minute of it is torture!  I usually do group classes, but I hurt my neck a few days ago, so I decided to do something that would involve me only looking forward.  I brought a little list of interval changes, one of the benefits of which is supposed to be "so you don't get bored."  People must have very dull lives if they think that pushing an arrow button up or down every few minutes while you sweat and suffer is a diverting activity.  People like it though.  I know they do.  As you say, people also vote for Trump.  I won't truly compare the two, though, because running actually is good for you.  

Proof that I am old now:  I just had to look through my trash can for a wrapper because I couldn't remember if I'd eaten my Viactiv calcium chew yet today.  (I had not.)

Thursday, June 2, 2016


Here are some things I think are dumb:
  • Chicago-style 16-inch softball. It's a garbage sport that is not fun but Chicagoans think it great because they're the only people dumb enough to play it. They think the fact that it's only played in Chicago makes it great when, in fact, it makes it awful. There's a reason no one outside Chicago plays 16-inch softball.
  •  Becoming the cliché 40-year old dude who plays basketball and immediately blows out his knee. Fortunately, it's not an ACL but I'll probably have to visit the doctor soon and get the real diagnosis.
  • The American Dream (I believe I've covered this thoroughly in my previous post.)
  • Condo/Homeowner Association meetings. They all turn into bitch-fests but no one actually wants to be on the board and actually do stuff. Everyone just complains about how much money is being spent -- even though most of it is completely necessary. Condo/Homeowner Associations make Congress look competent.
  • Donald Trump.
  • People who have/plan to vote for Donald Trump.
  • Poorly made sandwiches
I feel Chris's (and your) pain on the whole DIY thing. There are very few things I'm willing to take on myself when it comes to making changes/fixing my house. A short list of the things I will and can do: 
  • Hang various art/pictures/shelves/mirrors/TVs/curtains/blinds
  • Hang/setup speakers for the entertainment center
  • Anything computer or electronics based
  • Install a new thermostat
  • Replace kitchen or bathroom faucets (surprisingly easy!)
  • Hang lights/ceiling fans
  • Paint
Scarlett turned five recently. She had a party at her dance studio. It was the first party where she got to invite non-family friends, so I got to meet some of her buddies from school. It was mostly boys because the girls at school won't play with her when it involves running around because she's too fast for them. So she goes to play tag with the boys because there's nothing she loves more than running. Also, she already has a few mean girls in her class, so she goes where the drama isn't.

I recently got into foosball. You may recall that Jason had a table back in the day and we played quite a bit but I hadn't played in a while. We've got a table at my office and my team has been playing a lot recently. Plus, I took Jamie's old table off her hands and I now have it set up in my basement. Plus, plus, the table at work is old so we just got a new, tournament quality table. It's pretty sweet. So, foosball is now the thing I do to distract myself from my own mortality.