Thursday, June 2, 2016


Here are some things I think are dumb:
  • Chicago-style 16-inch softball. It's a garbage sport that is not fun but Chicagoans think it great because they're the only people dumb enough to play it. They think the fact that it's only played in Chicago makes it great when, in fact, it makes it awful. There's a reason no one outside Chicago plays 16-inch softball.
  •  Becoming the cliché 40-year old dude who plays basketball and immediately blows out his knee. Fortunately, it's not an ACL but I'll probably have to visit the doctor soon and get the real diagnosis.
  • The American Dream (I believe I've covered this thoroughly in my previous post.)
  • Condo/Homeowner Association meetings. They all turn into bitch-fests but no one actually wants to be on the board and actually do stuff. Everyone just complains about how much money is being spent -- even though most of it is completely necessary. Condo/Homeowner Associations make Congress look competent.
  • Donald Trump.
  • People who have/plan to vote for Donald Trump.
  • Poorly made sandwiches
I feel Chris's (and your) pain on the whole DIY thing. There are very few things I'm willing to take on myself when it comes to making changes/fixing my house. A short list of the things I will and can do: 
  • Hang various art/pictures/shelves/mirrors/TVs/curtains/blinds
  • Hang/setup speakers for the entertainment center
  • Anything computer or electronics based
  • Install a new thermostat
  • Replace kitchen or bathroom faucets (surprisingly easy!)
  • Hang lights/ceiling fans
  • Paint
Scarlett turned five recently. She had a party at her dance studio. It was the first party where she got to invite non-family friends, so I got to meet some of her buddies from school. It was mostly boys because the girls at school won't play with her when it involves running around because she's too fast for them. So she goes to play tag with the boys because there's nothing she loves more than running. Also, she already has a few mean girls in her class, so she goes where the drama isn't.

I recently got into foosball. You may recall that Jason had a table back in the day and we played quite a bit but I hadn't played in a while. We've got a table at my office and my team has been playing a lot recently. Plus, I took Jamie's old table off her hands and I now have it set up in my basement. Plus, plus, the table at work is old so we just got a new, tournament quality table. It's pretty sweet. So, foosball is now the thing I do to distract myself from my own mortality.

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